Olive oil has become an indispensable element of the kitchen.

The culinary value of virgin olive oil is much higher than the other oils; in addition, its performance is higher than that of other vegetable fats. Being a natural fruit juice can be consumed directly, a fact that cannot be done with any other vegetable oils. Due to its special aroma and flavor, extra virgin olive oil is especially useful in salad dressings, mayonnaise-type sauces, thin sauces and the like, aioli´s, vinaigrettes, stewed and sautéed, all types of frying, baking, food already made, many plates and of course, simply spread on toast, always improving the qualities of food.

We would like to share with our customers some recipes in which using the extra virgin olive oil LA TORRE DE PORCUNA  enhances the flavor and quality of the dish to prepare, due to its intense aroma and flavor, which quite often recipes that describe the main ingredient is extra virgin olive oil:

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